Besides all the included lightings, light modifiers and backdrops covered within the rent, we have more to offer, for your convenience on location (no out-of-studio rentals)

Please let us know before your booking, we will get them prepared for you

Only $6/day
Pro Heavy Duty Video Tripod & Fluid Drag Head

(1) A infinitely fluid damping system insures smooth camera camcorder movements through the range
(2) Pan and Tilt controls
(3) Ideal for digital camcorder weighing up to 6kgs
(4) 85°/+90°tilt range and +360°pan range 75mm bowl
(5) Fluid drag system ensures smooth, consistent fluid drag control
(6) Fitting 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread


Only $6/day
39″ Inch DSLR Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider

(1)Black Anodized Linear Rail 100CM with Self-lubricating rails
(2)Use on a tripod or on a flat surface with included feet


Only $10/day
Pro 4ft Jib Crane

(1) Smooth operation for any camera setup for up to a max weight 5KG.
(2) Great result  for filming