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Sunnyvale Photo Studio is a small photo studio located in Sunnyvale (near San Jose Airport), is a photo rental studio providing affordable rate and professional setting.

Perfect for full body height model photography. The following equipment is included:

. seamless vinyl back drops (B+W, gray, green screen)
. softboxes and beauty dish
. continues lights
. strobes (300w each, honeycomb grid + beauty dish)
. remote trigger and wire trigger
. W10′ L15′ H10′ space
. plus a sunroom area with large mirror(see slide show above)
. plus an outdoor garden area
. complete privacy

$30/ hour for 1-hour booking
$20/ hour for 2-hour booking
$18/ hour for 3-hour booking
$16/ hour for 4-hour or above bookings

Located 101 and Lawrence in Sunnyvale, please bookmark our website, you will need it for for next photo shoot.

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Please email to book or schedule a visit. Hours is flexible. Check  Availability here.
Tel: 408-461-7210
2nd: 408-673-7321

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